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Who we are

We are so enthusiast bring you this new collection of NFT. Our team is made of 3 decicaded persons who aims of brings life to what we made

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    Open Minded


If you go any questions, please contact us


Where to buy these NFTs?

You can buy our Collection on In order to do so, login to the GoMint marketplace with your Hedera mainnet wallet, and click on "Buy" link next to the cards you want to buy. On GoMint you can choose to buy in HBAR or in USD with PayPal, your choice!


How to store my NFTs in my Hedera mainnet account?

You should use a Hedera Hashgraph Wallet compatible with Hedera Tokens Service. We recommend to use the NFT friendly Xact Wallet (available for free on AppStore for iOS and Google PlayStore for Android). More info here:


Are you going to mint new NFTs of the same token in the future?

No :) These will be the uniq copies that you'll find online ! We will no mint new copies of the cards in the future.


Can I resell the NFTs I bought ?

Yes for sure ! It's yours and you can resell it on an open market

Get questions?

Write us an Email directly to get in touch !

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